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Serge Kirchhofer, was the personal playground of the creative director for Viennaline and Carrera; the controversial Udo Proksch. In his own words: “Serge Kirchhofer ist Udo” and even his passport carried the Serge Kirchhofer name. Described by Udo as a cross between Salvador Dali and Christian Dior, the collections were an inspired marriage of the surreal with the classic and his perfectionism touched every detail, from product to packaging and photography.

The ‘Enfant Terrible’ of eyewear, Udo was creative, compulsive and not without controversy. In 2016 Brando’s dream team acquired ownership of the personal archive of Udo Proksch,
held in a private museum in Vienna. This included more than 6,000 eyewear designs and prototypes, sufficient inspiration to influence Brando’s designers for many years to come.