Brando is the brainchild of Michael Jardine, a long collector of vintage eyewear. Jardine has excelled at international eyewear development for more than three decades whilst building an extensive personal archive of antique and bespoke pieces.

Acquiring several historically significant and directional brand trademarks led to a dream to build a company that not only celebrated the legacy and innovation of this portfolio, but to provide leadership and resonance in today’s market. Brando offers five brands:

Sunday Somewhere
Yohji Yamamoto
Serge Kirchhofer
Alyson Magee
Philippe Chevallier

The brand mix is unrivalled. With each brand offering a distinct point of view and target consumer, Brando uniquely traverses the realms of art, fashion and lifestyle to capture the imagination of the discerning global luxury consumer, whose purchases are highly considered with demanding standards of craftsmanship and service.