Luxury eyewear brand Serge Kirchhofer was set to debut at Silmo 2016, yet fate had other plans when the UPS vehicle carrying the collection was hijacked, just days before the event. With the entire range missing and the shelves empty - there was opportunity within crisis.. What happens at a launch with everything but the product?

 Champagne in hand, guests were invited to sit back in the arm-chairs and fully immerse themselves in the rich, fascinating history of Serge Kirchhofer, as told through a stunning visual narrative of photographic stills.  Captivated by the newly revived line, enamoured guests were left to await the next official launch.

The bare showcases, juxtaposed with the enthusiasm and understanding that was generated, made for an interesting, unique experience. That said, if you know anything about the life and times of, Udo Proksch, an Enfant Terrible and the design genius behind the brand, you would have to agree that dramatic twists and turns in this journey are really not that surprising.